How Does a CSA Work?

CSA is a trusted relationship between you and a local, family­ owned farm.

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for the consumer to create a relationship with a farm. In the spring, the farmer sells shares in their farm’s upcoming harvest to consumers, who become “members” of the CSA. The share price goes toward the cost of growing and distributing a season’s worth of produce and paying the farmer a living wage.  June through November, the CSA farmer delivers produce to a central location for the members to pick up.

Members sign a contract agreeing to share in the work and risks associated with a CSA, as well as the wonderful benefits of locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables to customers who wish to support local farmers and who value freshness and quality.

CSA offers an opportunity to experience food in a new (or an old) way.

Eat seasonally! Practice eating what is grown in your region during its peak season. More than groceries, we are part nature-made system and earth supporting system.
The modern food system misleads consumers into believing all foods are naturally available throughout the year because of food transportation! For example, strawberries are only available in June on the northeast coast. There is nothing like the taste of a local strawberry in season!
The long-distances produce travels incurs hidden costs: Commercial fruits and vegetables are bred, grown, harvested, and packaged for long distance shipment and shelf life, not for taste, not for nutritional value or for concern for soil quality. Our farmers grow diverse and heirloom varieties that are not be grown by commercial farms and take care of the land using traditional soil based methods.
CSA produce is picked and packed the day before our delivery and travels a short distance from Upstate New York to reach us every other Friday in Montclair.
Understanding seasonal availability of fresh produce is an important difference between CSA and the typical food shopping experience.
Enjoy a strawberry, and all your produce, at its local, seasonal peak ripeness!

Being part of a CSA benefits your local economy, community and the environment.

Beyond the produce, we are helping the small local farms. Farmers and farm workers on the farm who receive fair wages and fair working conditions for farm workers and keeping your dollars in your local community. Your dollar goes further in a CSA to support your community, the earth and your farm workers.

Join a growing movement of conscious consumers who know where their food is coming from understand growing practices are safe and that food is of the highest quality. Join the MCFC CSA!

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