About MCFC

Farmer Jay with all of the goodies members contributed to bring back to the farm.
Farmer Jay with all of the goodies members contributed to bring back to the farm.

The Montclair Community Food Co-op is a team effort where community members work together to bring quality local organic produce and dry goods to our area at a great price.

Summer CSA: From June to November we receive fresh, local IPM & organic produce and certified natural eggs from local farms in NJ, NY & PA. Families sign up early and prepay to provide security for the season ahead to farmers.

Bulk Buying: We bulk buy from small farms and businesses. From organic raw honey to dried fruit, we are able to obtain dry goods  at a lower price and better quality than area organic supermarkets. Bulk buying reduces the amount of travel, packaging and storage time of products.

Each MCFC member pays for their “share” of the harvest in the beginning of the season. There are full shares which include fruits and vegetables. You may also purchase only fruit or only vegetables for a pro-rated cost. You are also asked to contribute a few hours of volunteer time for the season.

All members are asked to volunteer for at least one shift during the CSA season.

MCFC also invites Core Group members who will commit to being at all deliveries to unload the truck, sort the vegetables, and clean the site and welcome members. Core Group members must be organized, able to work on a team, capable of lifting heavy boxes and give a full morning and possible afternoon commitment. Core members are required to give a three to four hour minimum time commitment at each delivery. Core members receive a discount of the Full Share. Email for a Core Group members application.

The shares are about a “bushel box” size of local seasonal produce. See our photos for the gorgeous examples of our 2009 summer season, or our sample lists.

We receive what is growing and is picked that week from the farm, at the peak of nutrition.

You know where your food is coming from and how it is grown.
For more information on our CSA farmers and their growing practices, ask a core member.

Fruit shares are full of the most wonderful, local seasonal fruit! Fruit is all grown by Integrated Pest Management methods (IPM) which is safe and as close to organic as it comes for North East coast grown fruit.

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