MCFC Fresh Fridays- November 4th, 2022 Delivery #12

Welcome to the 12th delivery of the MCFC! Thank you for an incredible 2022 season!

what’s in the box?
Asian greens, red Swiss chard, green curly kale, escarole
variety of peppers, Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), Adirondack blue potatoes, parsnip and carrots
Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, kohlrabi
pumpkin and acorn squash
lemongrass, flowering Mexican mint marigold, thyme, shallots, red onions
what’s in the fruit share? (from front to back) Asian pears, cortland, empire, honey crisp, macintosh and snow sweet apples

Reminder: All members receive the same number of items in a share although produce items may vary from box to box. The farmer cannot guarantee delivery of all items on the farm list but may send a similar seasonal item. 

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Fuel 4 School is a place where making balanced and conscientious food choices is a priority to fuel our community for life long healthy learning and living. Working together as a team to improve the fuel we eat every day is an adventure filled with so many opportunities for success. Whether at home, school or somewhere around town, we have the ability to encourage healthier food choices such as fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein while avoiding harmful food choices such as artificial ingredients and chemicals and precessed foods.

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