Apple Ridge Farms & supply chain

Food Manufacturers and stores are working to avoid supply chain shortages but there’s only so much they can control.

The tight supply of the world’s staple commodities increased with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The two countries produce over a quarter of the global wheat supply. This has affected the production of pasta and other wheat based products, causing shortages in some areas.

The French Country bread from Apple Ridge Farms at our last delivery featured a whole wheat grain. If you were surprised, as many of our members were, to receive a whole grain county bread, we now know it was related to supply chain issues. Here is a letter received from our farmer-baker team at Apple Ridge Farms.

French country sourdough bread baked by Apple Ridge Farms made with a local whole grain wheat grown in New York State.

“You may have noticed our bread is a bit darker than usual this past delivery.

The wheat supply in our country is unstable right now due to the attacks on Ukraine.

Although we purchase only domestic flour for our bakery as the imported flour sources start to run dry it is affecting our local suppliers now trying to keep up with additional demand.

Our intention is to keep making bread with the best local flour we can find, but ask our members to understand that there will be some inconsistency in sourcing until the supply chain gets back to normal.

We are currently sourcing our flour from an Organic farm in New York State. It is a healthier whole grain flour and will appear a bit darker since it is farmer ground from the whole wheat berry.

Thank you!

Apple Ridge Farm team”

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