MCFC CSA 2022: Fermented Drinks!

Erik Sink of Untamed Ferments

MCFC CSA is excited to partner with Untamed Ferments crafting naturally fermented beverages made with local ingredients in Saylorsburg, PA.
Erik Sink, production manager of Untamed Ferments will be on site at our csa pick-up to fill and refill growlers of locally produced kombucha, kvass and switchel fresh on tap! Sign up now for the season!

Three choices for subscriptions of naturally fermented drinks this summer:

  • KOMBUCHA Kombucha is fermented the traditional way: organic black tea mixed with cane sugar and fermented by our homegrown SCOBY. This combination results in the strongest culture to bring you the best benefits and flavor. Local fruits and vegetables are used for seasonal flavors to always keep you in tune with nature.
  • SWITCHEL Switchel is a truly American classic believed to have originated in the New England colonies in the 17th century. Also known as “Haymakers Punch“, switchel is famous for helping farmers work through the blistering heat of the summer. Our recipe use organic ginger juice, local honey, and raw apple cider vinegar to bring you all the benefits once sought after by the builders of our country. 
  • BREWERS CHOICE Over the course of the season the share will rotate through different kinds of fermented beverages Kombucha, Switchel, Kvass and Seasonal flavors. Flavors include Lemonade, Four Thieves (Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Mint), Root Beer, Turmeric, Floral Fusion (Rose Petals, Rose Hip, Hibiscus), Good Fortune (Strawberry, Holy Basil, Spearmint), and Carrot Cake.

The fermented drink subscriptions are now active on online barn2door store:

  • -Click the Shop button 

  • -Search “Subscription”
How it works:
32 oz Growler Fill at each MCFC CSA Delivery  (every other week June 10- until Nov. 11)  2 Growlers will be given for each share. One to fill and one to bring back empty for next fill. A Growler share guarantees you get your Growler Fill for each delivery.  We can not gaurantee that you will pick up. Missed share pickup can not be added to future pickup dates or refunded.  Exception if you know you will be unable to pick on one of the dates please let us know via email no less than 3 days prior to pick up date and we will add an additional share to your next pickup.   

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