Thank you for a great CSA season!

Thank you for a great 2021 CSA season! 
Thank you to all the members who have supported MCFC over the years as well as new members who joined us for the first time this season!

Thank you to our member volunteers! From those who unload the truck, those who assist at pick-up and clean up at the end of the day, to our volunteers that take our donations to the food pantry- running a CSA is a team effort. We are all connected through local food, working with and supporting our farm family to feed your family! Thank you for taking care of each other.

This year we fed over 80 member families plus served the local senior community through our partnership with the Montclair Community Farms mobile farm stand, plus delivered several hundred pounds of produce to Toni’s kitchen.

As we move into the colder temps, here’s wishing you all a happy, cozy, calm end of the year.  May you enjoy a warm cup of tea and nutritious meals with friends and family in good health this season.

MCFC CSA 2021 Core Group

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