MCFC CSA 2021: LAST DELIVERY of the season! Nov 12 2021-Delivery 12 Reminder

This Friday November 12 will be our last delivery for MCFC CSA season!
Pick up is at Montclair History Center at 108 Orange Road Montclair NJ
from 12- 6 pm.

Every year we collect gifts for our farmers and drivers. This year a little last minute but if you would like to contribute, drop of at the Montclair History Center before 9 am on Friday morning or drop off an item to 40 Saint Lukes Place.

This delivery will include preordered items from the following farm family:
*Hepworth Farms CSA Produce
*The Foraged Feast Mushrooms
*Apple Ridge Farms Breads 
*Circle Brook Farms eggs

The delivery is self-pick up. All items will be under the canopy.
Items will be listed on sign-in sheet at the table.
Please check off for each items ordered and pick up your items.
Please return clean fruit bags.

For the final delivery we will ask members to take their fruit shares in a recyclable cardboard box rather than a fruit bags. Please take a cardboard box to make sure that all fruit bags are returned and packed up for the season.

Due to Daylight savings time, sunset is now at 4:45 pm. If you arrive to pick up after 4:30, please turn on your headlights to see up the driveway and be able to see the boxes on site.

See you for our last delivery Friday Nov 12!

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