MCFC Fresh Fridays- November 1st, 2019 Delivery #11

Welcome to the 11th delivery of the MCFC 2019 season!

Gentle with the Fruit Bags today. While the apples and Asian pears are firm and crisp, the plums are ripe and soft.

Please remember to bring all bins and bags back in two weeks for the final delivery of the season. Also, plan ahead for the final delivery- bring your own box and bag to carry you share home on November 15th so you don’t have anything to return after the season is over.

a lovely gathering of some lovely ladies today! Nicole- a core member, Michele our beekeeper from Bee My Honey Apiary, Gwen-our coordinator and Rachel from Wrong Direction Farm


 Amounts may vary from box to box.  Not every item may be in your box. The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery of all items.

what’s in the box?


Red Leaf Lettuce

A variety of Greens (Swiss Chard or Lacinato/Dinosaur Kale or Collards or Green Leaf Lettuce)



Green Curly Kale

Green Cabbage

Brussel Sprouts


Cauliflower and/or Spaghetti Squash and/or Butternut Squash

Red Radishes

Red Beets



Plum Tomatoes

Pie Pumpkin

Flat Leaf Parsley

Lemon Balm

Blue Adirondack Potatoes 



Organic and ecologically grown in NY State. Enjoy!
what’s in the bag? (apple varieties left to right: Cortland, Golden Delicious, Macoun (darker red with green shading) and Snow Sweet (brighter red with yellow shading)


Cortland Apples

Golden Delicious Apples

Macoun Apples

Snow Sweet Apples (known for their delightful sweet taste with a slight tart balance along with snow white flesh that is slow to turn brown after cutting)

Italian Prune Plums (ripe and ready for some baking)

Brown Asian Pears

A green Grape Variety (may be seedless based upon initial observations but definitely delicious) 

Amount may vary from box to box.  Not every item may be in your box. The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery of all items.