MCFC CSA 2019: Delivery 11 Reminder

See you Friday 12 pm – 6 pm at 108 Orange Road, Montclair NJ.

Farm partners at pick-up:
Michele from Bee My Honey Apiary will be on site all afternoon with delicious recently harvested honey and to answer questions about pollinators, honey and health. Bring your wallet!
A note from our beekeepers:
“We struck gold again……Black gold that is! Our bees found Knotweed again this year which makes a delicious dark gold honey. A unique flavor that doesn’t come around often. Japanese knotweed, an herbaceous perennial in the buckwheat family, the bees love the blossoms and it has been growing well with the rain. It has been a few years since we have had this dark flavorful honey. We are offering it in our 12oz. jars for $9.00.”

Wrong Direction Farms will drop off pre-ordered eggs, meats and other dry goods.

Sign in: At the pick up, find you name & check-off next to each share on the sign-in sheet. Only take your pre-ordered shares. Return your clean bin and bag! These vital steps help ensure everyone goes home happy at every delivery.

Sign up for a 2-hour volunteer shift at the Montclair History Center to help your fellow CSA members with pick-up this Friday.

Produce: The selection and amount of produce in a weekly share varies the different types of vegetables growing throughout the season, by the farmer’s crop plan, by the weather and by daily availability. One aspect of a CSA is sharing in the risk of farmer; there is no guarantee of how large or varied the shares will be each week. Enjoy the diversity, the assortment and the varieties this delivery.

Thank you to our amazing farmers! Thank you to the pollinators! 

Carry in, Carry out: Our pick up is on a historic property. Just like in state parks visitors must carry out everything they have brought in- Except for compost! You are welcome to leave your organic produce scraps in the compost bin in the micro-farm area.

– MCFC CSA Core group