MCFC CSA 2019: 3 days to join!

With 3 days left to join the MCFC CSA let’s take this opportunity to list the top 5 reasons to join a CSA: 


CSA members may realize significant financial savings comparing purchases of local organic produce! Hepworth farms is very good to us and offers an abundance of local, organic seasonal produce at each delivery. 

…….and your money also goes further than just providing produce for your family.

In a CSA, members share the full costs of food production and local, sustainable agriculture. Commercial supermarket prices do not reflect the real costs of our industrial agricultural system. These costs include packaging production, waste disposal, soil erosion, groundwater contamination, pollution caused by long-distance transport, and unfair farm labor wages. these are true costs and hidden costs of commercial farming. Your dollar goes further in a CSA to support your community, your earth and your farm workers. 

Join the MCFC CSA 2019! We begin Friday June 14th!