MCFC CSA 2019: 4 Days left to join!

With 4 days left to join the MCFC CSA let’s take this opportunity to list one of the top 5 reasons to join a CSA: 


Enjoy heirloom and unique varieties produce not available at your supermarket. Our farmers Hepworth Farms grow a variety of heirloom produce unique for their members: their speciality is growing heirloom varieties of tomatoes and hot peppers. Unique varieties of heirloom baby lettuces, heirloom pumpkins, heirloom melons and unique berries were all admired and enjoyed in past years.

Experiment with new flavors! The variety of produce will help you improvise in the kitchen using up new and favorite produce. Heirloom dark skinned varieties of Shisito Peppers last season were a hit!

Join the MCFC CSA 2019! We begin Friday June 14th!