MCFC CSA 2019: 5 days left to join!

With 5 days left to join the MCFC CSA
let’s take this opportunity to list the top 5 reasons to join a CSA: 


Eat seasonally! Practice eating what is grown in your region during its peak season. 

The modern food system misleads consumers into believing all foods are naturally available throughout the year because of food transportation! For example, strawberries are only available in June on the northeast coast. 

The long-distances produce travels incurs hidden costs: Commercial fruits and vegetables are bred, grown, harvested, and packaged for long distance shipment and shelf life, not taste and nutritional value.

CSA produce is picked and packed the day before our delivery and travels a short distance from Upstate New York to reach us every other Friday in Montclair.

Understanding the seasonal availability of fresh produce is an important difference between CSA and the typical food shopping experience.

Enjoy a strawberry, and all your produce, at its local, seasonal peak ripeness!

Join the MCFC CSA 2019! We begin Friday June 14th!