MCFC CSA 2017: Thank you gift basket for farmers

As a symbol of our appreciation for their hard work this year, we will continue our annual tradition of preparing a gift basket of goodies to send off with the driver to delivery to our produce farmers 
at Hepworth Farms who work hard year round to provide us with wide variety of organic produce.
If you would like to contribute, please bring a goodie of your choice: Something home canned or a tasty item you picked up: Dry goods, mixed nuts, dried fruits, organic crackers, soup mix, preserves, pickles, jams, caramel sauce, chocolates, books, candles, a homemade card or note.

Bring please drop off your items at 40 Saint Luke’s Place, Montclair, the only Red House on the block, on the porch, in the CSA bin before Friday Nov 10.
If you want to bring a fresh baked item or perishable please bring to the Montclair History Center the morning of November 10 before 9 am.