Bee My Honey local honey is ready!

A message from our beekeepers at Bee My Honey Apiary:

"We just extracted spring/summer honey last weekend. It's a beautiful clear light golden color. The light and floral flavor is right out of the honey comb.

The honeybees have come through the wet spring in great shape. They are continuing to bring in some pollen and nectar even though its late in the summer.
We think the honey and pollen flow was extended because of the wetter than usual spring.

The summer goldenrod has just started to bloom by us and we are hopeful for a abundant fall dark goldenrod honey flow.

As a reminder we also have Blueberry Blossom and Cranberry Honey as well.We hope everyone enjoyed the honey samples at the last Delivery of Maine Blueberry honey and Wisconsin Cranberry honey!

On Jeff's travels to Maine, he picked up some Blueberry Blossom Honey from a Maine beekeeper.
This honey is sweet with a finishing hint of blueberry. It is a medium to dark amber.

On a recent trip to Wisconsin we had the opportunity to pick up Cranberry Flower Honey from a beekeeper in the area. Wisconsin is Cranberry country. It has a distinct mild berry flavor with a little sweetness. It is a medium to dark red amber.
Both varieties are in 12oz. jars and cost $8 each. 
Jeff prefers the Cranberry Honey for its berry flavor finish and I prefer the
Blueberry for its sweetness.

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Bee well. We will see you all this fall!"