MCFC CSA 2017: Delivery 1 proposed produce 

A note this evening from our farmers:

Hello from Hepworth Farms!
We are so excited to start another season with you! So far crops are looking great and you will be seeing plenty of stone fruit this year. Here is what we will be delivering tomorrow for your first share of the season. Please remember that all items are subject to change at the last moment.
fuji- 2 lbs each

bosc- 2 lbs each

strawberries- 2 qts each
asparagus- 1lb

radish- 1 bunch

spinach- 1 bunch

cilantro- 1 bunch

artisan lettuce- 3 heads each

red beets- 2 lbs

yukon potato- 2lbs

napa cabbage- 1

broccoli leaf or kale- 1 bunch

flowering greens- 1 bunch

mint- 1 bunch

onion- 1 lb 
Thank you and enjoy!

Hepworth Farms