Orders due Today! for Wrong Direction Farm

Dave from Wrong Direction Farm
Dave from Wrong Direction Farm

Wrong Direction Farm will be delivering to the Montclair Community Food Co-Op this Friday July 8th from noon until 6PM.  Wrong Direction will come with freezers filled with their products (including eggs, chicken, pork and beef) but they cannot guarantee they have all items. Place orders today and your order will be waiting for you at pickup on Friday!

Message from the Farm: We now have broiler chickens, with good news: our prices have dropped from $6 per pound to $5.25!

More information on that at our blog: https://wrongdirectionfarm.com/2016/06/29/chickens-are-back/ Right now we only have whole chickens; I’m not sure if we’ll get all the individual cuts (breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, etc) back in time for this delivery. Eggs, pork, and beef remain available as usual.

Please submit your order before the end of the day on Wednesday.

Thanks, Dave Perozzi Wrong Direction Farm

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