Notes from the farm: May 2016

This week we checked in with our farmers at Hepworth Farms. Farmer Gerry Greco talked about the variable weather this season and how it effects the produce, “We try our best- we do everything right: starting seedlings inside, adding fertilizer, taking care of the soil, and protecting the plants when the weather is bad. Because of the cold weather this spring and the hail, we put some of the plants under plastic to protect them. The tomatoes are under a plastic high tunnel. Thats 8 acres of high tunnels! But we can’t put the whole farm under a plastic! The farm is over 200 acres of produce. The best produce is fed by natural sunlight & natural rain water. Strawberries may be late this year since they need warm weather and full sun to ripen. But the first delivery will have loads of green and lettuce.”