Wrong Direction Farm delivery Friday April 1

Wrong Direction Farm will be doing an delivery on Friday April 1, 2016.
Although its a delivery on April Foods day, Wrong Direction pasture raised meat and eggs are no joke! This is the real deal! Local, Pastured raised, non -GMO feed, family owned and operated. It’s everything you want for your family. The egg yolks are dark orange and the sausages are a favorite.

Please submit your order before midnight on Wednesday, the 30th of March for delivery on Friday, the 1st of April. Order here.

A note from the farmers:

“Here’s a status on products:

Eggs – Last year’s hens are slowing down. We have 200 young hens arriving in early April, so we should finally be able to get past our egg shortages by mid-May when the new hens start laying. If we run out of our eggs, we’ll offer some of Oliver’s Eggs again.

Pork – We picked up lots of pork from the butcher last week. We ordered a big batch of Sweet Italian Sausage and ground pork since those have been so popular. We also added some new family pack options so you can economize a bit.

Beef – Same selection. Lots of folks have discovered bone broth, so we have been selling out quickly. There is one package of bones left. If you are looking for bones, I’d recommend also considering short ribs or osso buco. After you make a meal of the meat, you can reuse the bones for broth.

Chicken – I think we are down to a couple packages of wings. We’ll be out of broilers until late June when our first spring birds are butchered. We currently have way too many ornery roosters running around the farm, so if we manage to catch those curmudgeons we might have a few stew birds for sale next month.

We look forward to seeing you next Friday.

Dave and Rachel Perozzi
Wrong Direction Farm