Bee My Honey: Buckwheat Honey available

Bee on Buckwheat flower

Bee My Honey Apiary in Newton, NJ harvested dark yellow amber Buckwheat Flower Honey available for delivery in Montclair, NJ March 4, 2016. Pre-order through PayPal. Use the “family and friends” payment type so there are no extra charges. The account is:

Local, Creamed Wildflower Honey in glass jars 12.9 oz for $9
Local, Raw Buckwheat Flower Honey in glass jars 16 oz. $8.50 and 5 lb. $41.50

A note from our farm partners Bee My Honey Apiary: “The weather was nice enough last weekend that we were able to look at our hives and see what the girls have been up to. In the process they got in my veil and stung me on the neck and shoulder. First sting of the season! It is a good idea this time of year to make sure the bees have enough food going into spring. We had left honey on our girls at the farm to make sure they had enough to eat over the winter. They did not touch it, so we harvested the honey. We gave all the hives a pollen patty which provides protein to the hive and gets the queen to start laying brood (baby bees). The farmer planted buckwheat in the fall and that is what this honey is a product of. We have it in 1 pound and 5 pound jars to offer everyone. IMG_1170image above: glass bottles of Bee My Honey dark amber colored Buckwheat Honey

Here is a little info on Buckwheat honey: Buckwheat honey is a dark-colored honey that is sweet and delicious, with a distinctive spicy-malt flavor and an aftertaste that is reminiscent of molasses. With a range of vitamins and minerals, as well as polyphenols antioxidants, honey made from buckwheat flowers has many health benefits, too. In fact, this type of honey is now recommended for children under six years of age as a healthier alternative to cough syrup.

One of the main health benefits of buckwheat honey is related to the honey’s dark color. It has been established that dark honeys are generally richer in antioxidants than lighter colored honeys. This is because the antioxidants that are present in honey are one of the chemicals which give it color. Honey made from buckwheat flowers contains a type of antioxidant called polyphenol, which gives the honey its distinctive dark copper color.
Darker honeys such as buckwheat also tend to contain more vitamins and minerals in addition to antioxidants. Buckwheat honey is a minor source of eighteen amino acids. This type of honey also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can hasten wound healing and may even reduce scarring.

Excited for spring time!

Michele, Jeff and the girls”

Jeff and Michele
Bee My Honey Apiary
906 Winding Way
Newton, NJ 07860

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