Wrong Direction Farm to Deliver to St. Luke’s Place this Friday 12/4/15

Place orders now for products from Wrong Direction Farm (pork, beef, chicken and eggs) to be delivered to 40 St. Luke’s Place, Montclair on Friday 12/4/15.

Please refer to Wrong Direction Farm for more information and

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to place an order.

Message from Dave and Rachel from Wring Direction Farm:

We’ll be doing our next Montclair drop-off on Friday the 4th of December.  Our winter location is 40 St Luke’s Place, Montclair, NJ.

We plan to arrive by noon.  We’ll leave a self-service cooler on the porch for anyone who can’t be there when we arrive.  Please pick up your orders by 6PM.

There are a number of new items in the grass-fed beef section.  As the weather gets colder and cooking migrates from the backyard grill to the kitchen stove, we added stew meat and several roasts to the lineup.  We also now have sliced shanks for Osso buco.  And for your bone broths and beef stocks, we have marrow bones and oxtail.

On the pork side, bacon is running low (down to 3 packs).  We have some homemade kielbasa rope sausage.  And at long last we have pork tenderloins in stock.

Please note:
All items need to be pre-ordered on our website.
All pre-orders will be processed via credit or debit card at the time you place the order.
Orders need to be placed before 9AM next Wednesday the 2nd of December.
Please respect our location host by picking up your order as early as possible.
If you’d rather not receive monthly updates about our delivery schedule, just let me know.  I won’t take offense.  If you know someone who might be interested in ordering our farm products, please also let me know.

Dave and Rachel Perozzi
Wrong Direction Farm
431 Seebers Lane
Canajoharie, NY  13317
Follow us on Facebook WrongDirectionFarm

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