New study & research prove eating Organic has huge benefits to health

New research published in the British Journal of Nutrition show huge  benefits of organic food. Reviewing 343 studies, scientists concluded that organic foods blow conventionally grown foods out of the water when it comes to certain nutrition standards.

Plus this smaller study shows a Swedish family of five switching from eating conventionally produced food to purely organic for one short week, and the results were HUGE. The Swedish Environmental Research Institute measured pesticide levels in each of the children’s urine at the beginning and end of the trial period, and they found that levels of insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators all but disappeared. Read and watch the video here.

This is an important example that needs to be replicated in a larger group and in multiple countries. Here is link to Swedish Environmental Research Institute  study results.

Infographic above shows pesticide residue in urine while eating conventionally grown food and after switching to organically grown foods.



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