Wrong Direction Farm to Deliver to St. Luke’s Place 11-20-15

Place orders now for products from Wrong Direction Farm (pork, beef and chicken) to be delivered to 40 St. Luke’s Place, Montclair on Friday 11/20/15.

Please refer to Wrong Direction Farm for more information and

Go to

Online ordering for Wrong Direction Farm

to place an order.

Wrong Direction Farm will continue to make deliveries to Montclair over the winter. Until the Montclair Community Food Co-op resumes next June, they will be delivering on a more or less monthly basis to 40 St Luke’s Place, Montclair.

A few important things to note:

  • All items need to be pre-ordered on their website.
  • All pre-orders will now be processed via credit or debit card at the time you place the order. So there’s no need to bring cash or check.
  • The delivery will be open from noon until 6PM, but we’ll only be there for the beginning of the delivery. After that, everything will be self-serve from coolers on the porch.
  • Please respect our location host by picking up your order before 6PM.
  • Orders generally need to be placed 3 days in advance of delivery.
  • The website has the ordering window listed.
    Upcoming dates are as follows:
    Next Friday! November 20th
    Early December (TBD)
    January – Probably no delivery in January, but we’ll see,,,
    February 5th
    March 4th
    April 1st
    May 6th
wrong direction farm’s beautiful eggs!



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