MCFC CSA 2015: Fresh Friday Delivery 1

Welcome to MCFC CSA Fresh Friday!
Our first delivery of the season is quite bountiful!CSA delivery 1

Need help identifying your greens?
The Hepworth Farms website has a lovely photo gallery of all the produce they grow. And the Epicurious has a visual guide to cooking greens.

What’s in the box?


Flowering Blue Clary Sage

Flowering Blue Clary Sage


Red leaf lettuce or Red Lolla lettuce

Green Curly kale or Ripbor or Starbor Kale

Lacinato kale

Golden or Rainbow chard

English sorrel

Mustard greens

Bok Choy

Flat leaf Spinach

Tat Soi

Red Globe Radish

Yellow onions

Red beets

Beira Portuguese cabbage

Mibuna greens

The selection and amount of produce in a weekly share varies by the farmer’s crop plan, the different types of vegetables growing throughout the season, and by daily availability. Enjoy the diversity, the assortment and the varieties at each delivery.


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