MCFC CSA 2015: Delivery 1 Reminder

MCFC CSA 2015: Delivery Reminder!
Clean out your fridge! Get the grill ready!
This Friday is the FIRST CSA delivery of the season.
See you between 12 pm & 6 pm at 108 Orange Road Montclair NJ.

Pick-up Dates:
Pick-up dates for this season are every other Friday.
Please add these dates to your calendar:

Delivery 1 Friday June 12
Delivery 2 – Friday
June 26
Delivery 3 – Friday July 10

Delivery 4 – Friday July 24

Delivery 5 – Friday August 7

Delivery 6 – Friday Aug 21

Delivery 7 – Friday Sept 4

Delivery 8 – Friday Sept 18

Delivery 9 – Friday Oct 2

Delivery 10 – Friday Oct 16

Delivery 11 – Friday Oct 30
Delivery 12 – Friday Nov 13

At pick-up, check off next to each item on sign-in sheet.

The selection and amount of produce in a weekly share varies by season, by the farmer’s crop plan, the different types of vegetables growing throughout the season, and by daily availability. Shares are typically larger in August than in June. One aspect of CSA is sharing the risk of farming; there is no guarantee of how large or varied the shares will be each week. Enjoy the diversity, the assortment and the varieties each delivery.


One thought on “MCFC CSA 2015: Delivery 1 Reminder

  1. Enjoy the strawberries! I am looking forward to finding CSA options after getting settled in Fort Worth. My best wishes. Kathy

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