MCFC CSA 2014: How to eat a Concord grape

How to eat a Concord grape:

Recommendations from our produce farmer Amy Hepworth on how to best enjoy the many different flavors and textures your concord grapes has to offer.

what's in the bag?
Concord Grapes

Concord grapes have a “slip” skin. The sweetest part of the grape is the juice right under the skin; Squeeze the grape firmly and pop the flesh into your mouth and move to the side of your cheek. Suck out the juice from under the skin. Savor this flavor. Then suck all the flesh off the seeds that are in your mouth. Spit out the seeds and chew the skin. The skin is the most bitter part of the grape and many choose not to eat this. Some people prefer to pop the entire grape into their mouth then swallow the seeds. How ever you eat a grape, enjoy!


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