MCFC Fresh Fridays: October 17th 2014 Delivery #10

Welcome to the 10th delivery of the MCFC for 2014!

what's in the box?
what’s in the box?


Vegetables marked with * were not distributed to every box.  Every attempt was made to make boxes even with a variety of some of these vegetables.

Boston Bibb Lettuce

Collard Greens

Happy Ridge Chinese Cabbage

Chinese broccoli on left collard on right
Chinese broccoli on left with connected stems-Collards on right

Red Russian Kale




Assorted Radishes


Variety of Tomatoes

Variety of Peppers

Ground Cherries

Sugar Pumpkin*

Butternut Squash*

Delicata Squash*



Yellow Onions


Option Hot Peppers and Fry Peppers

Organic and ecologically grown in NY State.  Enjoy!

what's in the bag?
what’s in the bag?


Asian Pears

Italian Prune Plums

Cortland Apples

Empire Apples

Concord Grapes

Please remember to return your clean boxes and bags.  Thank you!

Amounts may vary from box to box.  Not every item may be in your box. The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery of all items.


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