MCFC CSA Coordinator creates portraits inspired by CSA vegetables

Daikon Radish Portrait, 2014, Gwen Charles

Daikon Radish Portrait, 2014, Gwen Charles

Gwen Charles, MCFC CSA Coordinator and visual artist, joins the Montclair Gallery Walk on Friday Oct 17th with her new photographic series below the surface currently on view at Parlor Hair Studio on 223 Glenridge Avenue Montclair NJ.

The photo series idea began as she took photos of unusual vegetables delivered from Hepworth Farms to help CSA members identify them. She then started to appreciate their strange beauty and reimagine a world where the unusual was the usual, where bulbous red beetroots, bright green kohlrabi, long white radishes, lantern shapes peppers & bumpy bitter melon replaced small flowers on surface design. These kaleidoscopic vegetables surface designs were then used to create environments  for portraits of women involved with the vegetables.

Stop by the Parlor to see the works on view through November or check out a selection of the series on her website

Above: Daikon Radish Portrait, 2014 & in Daikon Radish Pants suit, 2014, Gwen Charles. Click to see larger image.


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