Updates for MCFC CSA 2014: Delivery 9

Construction crews at continue to work at The Montclair Historical Society. Please take care when driving up the driveway and parking.

Two fruit shares short-
For the past 3 deliveries we have been 2 fruit shares short. I am assuming that there are two members who did not order fruit who their partner or mom is picking up and taking a fruit share, although not ordered. Please make sure to only pick up what was ordered and check with your family members. Let us know if you would like to add an additional share on for the following deliveries.

Coffee Chaff-
Red House Roasters in Union NJ has been donating their coffee chaff to the Historical Society farm program for the chickens bedding every month. Last month they dropped off 14 large garbage bags full but the chickens only need about 4-5 a month. To help with the abundance, MCFC members are invited to take entire bags or scoop out and take some out of the bag. Please take as much as you like for your animals or compost. Bring your own container if you plan on taking less than the entire bag.

We look forward to seeing you Friday!

MCFC CSA Core group



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