MCFC Fresh Fridays: September 19th 2014 Delivery #8

Welcome to the 8th delivery of the MCFC for 2014. The day couldn’t be more perfect for a CSA pickup.

A few things- we are short on volunteers today so there may not be anyone there when you arrive at The Montclair Historical Society.

  • Please make an extra effort to keep the area clean.
  • There were no eggs delivered.
  • There are extra hot peppers (red chilis, jalapenos and poblanos) available to take if you wish.
  • There were 12 extra orders of tomatoes for members who pre-ordered.
what's in the box?
what’s in the box?


Boston Bibb Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce




Red Beets with Greens


Variety of Green and Yellow Zucchini


Variety of Tomatoes (including heirloom varieties, yellow field and chef)

Variety of Bell and Frying  Peppers

Yellow Onions

Optional Hot Peppers- from left to right red chilis, jalapeno and poblano
Optional Hot Peppers- from left to right
red chili, jalapeno and poblano

Organic and ecologically grown in NY State.  Enjoy!


what's in the bag?
what’s in the bag?

Seckel Pears

IMG_6618Italian Prune Plums

Gala Apples



Please remember to return your clean boxes and bags.  Thank you!

Amounts may vary from box to box.  Not every item may be in your box. The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery of all items.

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