Wrong Direction Farm to deliver local pork products to the MCFC

Wrong Direction Farm plans to make two deliveries to Montclair this season on  August 8th and November 14th.  Some order forms will be available at the July 25th delivery.  Please direct all questions to the farm.  They will be in charge of everything- orders, payment and delivery and pickup.

Montclair Coop Order 20140701-1

A message from the farmer:

The Perozzi family raises beef cattle, pigs, and poultry at Wrong Direction Farm in New York’s Mohawk Valley.  We are pleased to be partnering with the Montclair Co-op this year to provide our pasture raised pork.  Our pigs live in the fields and hedgerows from spring thaw until early December.  During that time they are moved at least once a week to fresh ground giving them plenty of forage and room to run around and to be pigs.  During the winter, the herd moves into a greenhouse bedded with wood chips and hay, but they usually choose to spend a lot of their time outdoors anyway.  The pigs’ foraging is supplemented with certified organic grain (corn, oats, barley, field peas mixture), whey from our neighbor’s cheddar cheese-making, and produce scraps from the Capital District Farmers’ Market.  To learn more about the farm, check us out at our blog and website at wrongdirectionfarm.com or on Facebook.  We love to talk about pigs, farming, and food, so feel free to get in touch.


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