MCFC CSA 2014: Delivery 3 Eggs

Our eggs today from Hidden Nest Egg farms were from Pastured chickens feed GMO-free grain & beans! Enjoy your farm GMO-free, pastured, fresh eggs.

Members who DID NOT pick up eggs today or did not pick up their owed eggs from previous deliveries, please email immediately to arrange pick-up as we have limited storage space to hold eggs.


One thought on “MCFC CSA 2014: Delivery 3 Eggs

  1. Thanks for so quickly finding a good alternative for our egg supply.
    Though 48 eggs is a lot of eggs for our family of 3 to consume in 2 weeks and I would have loved if we could just get one extra week of eggs added to the end, this opens up the possibility of generosity and sharing this abundance with friends who may not have the good fortune to enjoy farm fresh eggs as such. I thank our Mother Earth and father sky, the hens, the roosters, the farmer and Gwen again.
    On this delivery of vegetables I was amazed at the quantity and quality of the cucumbers. I do not remember in all the years that I have been a CSA member, receiving 21 cukes in the entire delivery cycle from June to November and that is how many we had in our share this week. So we have started by just chowing on them with a little sprinkle of salt at every bite and thinking of many jars of pickles, jugs of cucumber water and green juice, mixing them into yoghurt, loads of salad, trying new recipes, etcetera, etcetera ……
    So thrilled since they are one of my most favorite fruits and loaded with health benefits.
    In Gratitude
    Guita and Family

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