MCFC CSA 2014: Delivery 1 Produce: FYI

IMG_5693While sorting the abundant produce from Hepworth Farms yesterday, Farmer Jay explained that the Tatsoi (pictured above) and the Bok Choy were both survivors of the recent hail storm.  The holes left from the hail are just cosmetic and do not affect their eatability.

IMG_5038The Siberian Kale was also a topic of discussion. It’s wonderful for kale chips and juicing but stems should be stripped prior to using.  This morning, I learned the hard way and had the blender work overtime chewing up the stems but the end result was a delicious combo of Hepworth Farms Siberian Kale and Fuji Apples.



And the final piece of advice, pea shoot leaves and flowers should be removed from the stems before eating. Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “MCFC CSA 2014: Delivery 1 Produce: FYI

  1. Perhaps this is painfully obvious but when you say to remove the leaves and flowers from the stems, which part is the edible part?! I’ve never seen pea tendrils before!

    1. I know! It’s a little confusing. We were delivered full pea tendrils at the CSA last week. The new growth curling at the ends with the delicate leaves and flowers is what is typically eaten. The further down you go, the tougher the stem and leaves become. It’s all edible but depending upon the age of the vine, some parts are more tender than others. Hope that helps!

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