CSM: Medicine Share

This year MCFC has added an additional optional CSA- the CSM, Community Supported Medicine Share through Lancaster Farmacy.

Lancaster Farmacy,  offers Community Supported Medicine (CSM) shares, which features the freshest certified organic herbal medicine harvested and prepared with care in Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster Farmacy’s mission seeks to grow and provide local organic medicine for our community. Our goal is to support our bioregion by securing the opportunity for all living beings to have access to food and medicine. We are reclaiming our health by growing our own medicine and restoring the knowledge of natural healing traditions.

CSM Shares consist of a once-monthly delivery of 3-5 hand crafted herbal products, fresh/dried herbs and a beautiful newsletter containing information about utilizing them for keeping you and your family healthy throughout the year.

Variable with the season, you may receive items like detoxifying and digestive support tonics, healing skin salves, freshly infused therapeutic skin oils, fresh and dried beneficial tea blends, rejuvenating bath salts, and tinctures.

Sign up for your share when you register for your CSA produce shares through the Brown Paper Tickets or use the paper form in the BOX.


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