Bee My Honey Apiary: New forms for 2014

Order now for delivery on Feb 11th 2014. Pick up at 40 Saint Luke’s Place Montclair NJ. Orders and payments must be received by Friday Feb 7th for Feb 11 delivery. Mail to address on form.

A note from the Beekeepers of Bee My Honey, Newton NJ.:
“We are doing good in this very cold winter. Saw the “girls” flying the other day when it was in the 50’s. We are planning on adding 3 more honey bee hives this spring. Two we will be putting on an organic farm near our house and one in our apiary (very exciting).  This winter we have been busy building hive bodies (new houses for the bees) and new frames for the bees to build their honey comb on. We have a slight increase in the cost of the 8 oz., 12 oz.  honey and pollen due to an increase in the cost of the jars and lids.  Please find attached new Bee my honey order form 2014.  8 oz. will be $5, 12 oz. will be $7 and pollen will be $5.50.  Price increase will be effective February 1.”

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