Bee My Honey products for sale Friday Oct 18

Bee My Honey Apiary will be on site on Friday
at the Montclair Historical Society 109 Orange Road from 12 – 6 pm.
Bring cash or checks to buy honey for the winter season and or gifts.
They have some new limited, seasonal offers for us!
Sage infused honey and honeycomb will only be available in person at their table on Friday.
A limited amount of goldenrod honey is available.  It is dark and sweet!  In the fall of the year
starting in September, the goldenrod and asters bloom, creating a bounty of dark sweet honey before
winter. This honey is not always harvested depending on what the bees need to get through the winter.
The girls harvested a little bit extra this year, so there is some for the MCFC.
Propolis tincture! A recipe perfected
Samples some in warm tea on Friday.
Attached is information on propolis.
A Winter staple. It is so good to soothe sore throats and colds.
Honey comb in honey.  This item is very limited.
Honey comb from the girls (bees) in some basswood honey.
12 oz and 8 oz available. This is a special for our visit on Friday.
New Bee My Honey Apiary pricelist
order form 

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