Montclair organic home gardening tour

Montclair Organic Home Gardening tour this Saturday July 13 2013:

The garden of Pat Kenschaft will be open this weekend at 56 Gordonhurst Avenue, Montclair, will be open to the public this Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.

The other TEN organic vegetable gardens will be open from 9:00 AM to noon:

Grace Grund, 3 Dodd Street, Montclair, has a dozen egg-laying chickens.  They eat all the organic scraps from home and from Terra’s kitchen, which she runs in the public library.  Her summer vegetable garden is in a raised bed.

Sachi Tripp at 8 Waterbury Road, Montclair, has hens and two honey bee hives.  Her seven raised garden beds grow all of the vegetables they eat in summer and much of what they eat in fall and winter.

Nick DiMinni at 11 Bruce Rd. (off Valley RD.), Montclair, has a European inspired vegetable and herb garden including fig trees and pergola covered with grape vines.

Lisa Rosen at 3 Chester Road, Montclair, has two raised beds, 4. x 10′ and 6. x 10′.  She has been gardening for about ten years, and has implemented “square foot gardening” in the larger bed.

Alan Smith at 148 Forest Street, Montclair, offers a self-guided front yard tour of a garden that includes a variety of greens.

Florence Rollino at 45 Wells Court, Bloomfield, has a beautifully landscaped property, tucking vegetables in among other fascinating displays.  Take Bellevue Avenue east from Montclair almost to the end at ShopRite.  Take the last left, and then the first left onto Wells Court. 45 is the house at the end with solar panels.

Judy Hinds at 156 Rhoda Ave, Nutley, has a partly shady, partly square-foot-type garden.

Kathy Sauerborn at 263 Chittenden Rd, Clifton, has an established garden of herbs and natives and now raises vegetables by reclaiming the lawn.  Drive north from Montclair on Grove Street, take the first right and hers is the second house on the right.

Yuliya and Mike Bellinger at 438 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, asparagus, grapes, apple trees and 30 blueberry bushes.

Necole Fabris at 8 Prospect Place, West Orange, composts and uses natural pest control to grow much of her family’s summer produce.  She has a rain barrel and potato bags.

notes provided by Pat