Recipe ideas for greens

Looking for some inspiration for your box full of greens?

Try swapping out the spinach in your favorite recipes and replace with Kale like in Spanish Chickpeas with Kale , inspired by Espinacas con garbanzos, replacing spinach with kale.

Or throw sauteed kale into a quiche or tart.

Kale is delicious with olives. Make a sandwich with tapenade: Rub kale with olive oil and salt. Spread olive tapenade on one side of a whole grain bread, spread goat cheese on the other half and add lightly dressed kale in the middle and enjoy the famous sandwich served at Brazilian O cafe in NYC. Or make a twist on traditional green olive empanadas: Olive kale empanadas!

How about a twist on a classic potato croquette? Potato & Kale cakes– a mixture of mashed potato and kale shaped into patties and pan fried.

How about a dessert with parsnips?! one of my favorites:
Frozen Parsnips with Whipped Cream 
– a delicious frozen treat with a texture reminiscent of shredded coconut. For a dairy free version use coconut cream

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