Archeological dig today!

Dear Friends,

Today is surprisingly warm! Looking for a fun and educational activity for today?

Montclair State University students will be immersed in an archeological dig today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) at the Montclair Historical Society’s 108 Orange Road site. They’re conducting a shovel test survey, where they dig down about 50 cm, or until signs of human habitation cease, then sift through the dirt to find objects that shed light on our past. The land they are exploring was part of the first farm settled by the Crane family back in the late 1600s. The class is under the direction of Chris Matthews, an archeologist and professor in MSU’s Center for Heritage and Archeological Studies.

We welcome you to stop by at any time throughout the weekend to see these students “dig history.” They’ll be outside, behind the Clark House, on the site of our new Community Farm from at least 9 to 4. I’m sure your visits will warm their spirits as they dig!

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