Hot Chili Pepper Vodka

Here is a real house “warming” or holiday gift idea!

Hot Chili Pepper Vodka!

This delicious, fiery chili-pepper infused vodka adds a kick to Bloody Marys.


6 medium-sized fresh chili peppers ( or any type you like)

25 ounces vodka

2 sheets of edible gold ( optional)


Put the whole chilies into a mason jar. Cover with vodka and seal with a tight fitting lid. To reduce the heat, cut chilies in half and deseed. Shake every day for a week. At the end of the week, taste the vodka.

If it is hot enough: strain out the peppers. If not hot enough, return to shelf for a few more days. 

To add a bit of sparkle, take one cup of infused vodka and add 2- 3 sheets of edible gold or silver leaf and pulse until chopped in blender. Pour into remaining vodka, seal and label jar.

Store in a cool, dark place until ready to use, or in fridge. When ready to give as a gift, decanter into smaller jars using a funnel, tie with a ribbon and handwritten label. Your guests will be so pleased! 

Pick up decorative bottles and tops at Corrado’s Beer and wine making center on Main street in Clifton or Michaels craft store. Edible gold leaf can be found at Michaels craft store or a baking supplier.

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