Simple Ways to Preserve Fruit

Todays workshop on canning gave us simple techniques to make jams and sauces with a water boil process. Here are recipes from the workshop for plum jam and simple tomato sauce.

Plum Jam

Tomato Sauce – Simple

Today Bee Keeper Jeff, gave us a great way to preserve your fresh sage from the bin! Plunge into honey!

Honey & Sage Winter tea
Wash and dry sage leaves. Plunge deep into jar of honey.Wait a few months until cold weather. With a spoon carefully pull out a leaf of crystalized sage and a spoonful of honey and place in mug. Pour boiling water over leaf and honey. squeeze juice of lemon. Sip for a relaxing drink.
Also The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen blog had some great suggestions on preserving fruit:

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen: Simple Ways to Preserve Fruit.

Whatever method you use, enjoy your produce!


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