MCFC Fresh Fridays: July 27th, 2012 Delivery #4

Delivery Delays- Deja Vu!

Thanks to all of you today- for your hard work, patience and understanding.  The core members, volunteers and members gave 110%  to make the pick-up for our CSA possible this Friday.   When the truck arrived at 12:45pm, the driver (John)  informed us that Hepworth Farms was really suffering from the storms on Thursday.  Although he is a mechanic at the farm, John was asked to deliver our produce today, with a moments notice,  since so many others were tending to emergencies on the farm.  Let’s all think good thoughts for Hepworth Farms and here’s to an on-time delivery August 10th!

Apologies for the lack of pictures today and the lists may be a little off.  The delivery delay wreaked havoc on those tasks as well.


Red Leaf Lettuce

Green Leaf Lettuce


Mustard Greens



Green Pepper




Red Beets with Greens

Green Zucchini





Italian Parsley


Small Yellow Peaches

Large Yellow Peaches

Shiro Plums

Italian Plums


Organic and ecologically grown in NY State.  Enjoy!

message translated: “Miss You Gwen!”

Amounts may vary from box to box.  Not every item may be in your box. The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery of all items.

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