A Green Bean Recipe

Pickled Hepworth Farm Green Beans

My son has been a vegetable lover since he started eating solid foods- carrots, broccoli, zucchini, avocado, beets.  You name it, he loves it.  Except…green beans.  He wouldn’t eat them pureed as a baby and he will not eat them now as a 6 year old.  So when our bin this week included all of those gorgeous local and fresh green beans, I was desperate to find a way to get him to enjoy them.

In February 2011, I posted a recipe for pickled carrots and I thought maybe substituting green beans would do the trick.  I decided not to use a sweetener in the Pickled Green Bean Recipe and I was out of hot peppers from last summer’s bounty but everything else remained the same from the original recipe (search the blog Archives under the month February 2011).

Garlic and Green Beans from Hepworth Farms!

The verdict is still out if this will make my son a green bean lover.  But I think they are delicious!  It is also a yummy way of extending the life of the green beans to make it to the next CSA delivery!


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