MCFC CSA: Hepworth Farms | Facebook

I just got off the phone with farmer Amy Hepworth of Hepworth Farms, who provides our produce to our CSA.She says that the farm looks beautiful right now- green and lush. Everything  on the farm is growing well. We should expect to receive bi-color corn, lettuce, escarole, and red-russian kale this delivery.Check out their Facebook page to view some new images of the farm.

Hepworth Farms | Facebook.

Lasha, her daughter in law has been heading up their social media and updating their website and their Facebook page. They also have a new logo. Here is a picture of the truck from the last delivery.

Amy said the weather has been very dry up in Hudson County NY and they need to water the crops every day. They are hoping it rains more consistently. I told her we would do a rain dance for them !



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