MCFC CSA: first day recipes

Manuela says “i’m German so i must try these cookies”

Hope you are enjoying your fresh goodies from the farm!

Our core members shared some snacks on Friday to share creative cooking ideas.

Black-Bean Brownies are a delicious gluten-free dessert. Add chilled fruit for a wonderful dessert any night. Original recipe from 101 cookbooks. Chickpeas or any other bean work just as well.

Chili Pepper peppernut cookies inspired by the traditional German Pfeffernusse cookies which takes heat from cracked pepper. This version uses all local ingredients including local hot peppers from the farm.


What to do with all the peak-season local fruit thats coming? Turn it into quick jams. Make simple, small-batch jams from fruit and sugar cooked down until thickened and glossy. Try to replace local honey for sugar as our core member Sarah did.

Jams made with local ingreidiants:
BlueBarb jam:organic NJ blueberies, organic home grown rhubarb, PA spring blossom honey.

StrawBarb jam: organic strawberries, organic home grown Montclair rhubarb!,PA spring blossom honey

Peach Barb jam: Organic peaches, local rhubarb, PA spring blossom honey.

hope you feel inspired!


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