MCFC CSA 2012: Eating seasonably

Our farmers grow items that can easily thrive in our region, Harvesting depends upon the weather as well as the specific variety of plant being grown.

Although weather changes from year to year, the food grown in each season in our climate are the same each year. This table illustrates when produce is typically harvested. Use the Hepworth Farms Harvest chart to figure out when produce is typically harvested and help decide when to make your families favorite recipes.


Eating seasonally can be a challenge at first. It can take a great effort to transition from buying items out of season, from across the globe, to eating seasonally and locally. It could be a surprise that we will get tomatoes on the east coast only after the heat of summer kicks in.

Expect the season to start light and increase with each week. The first crops to ripen are salad greens, peas, green onions, and strawberries. Our farmer also offers lovely crisp cold storage apples. By the middle of the season, the boxes will be heavier and more full with produce like squash, potatoes, and broccoli. The first apples of the year are harvested in August.
View chart of past deliveries on our csa shares page.

Our farmers specialize in heirloom tomatoes. They grow over 60 types of heirloom tomatoes ,including heirloom cherry tomatoes, each with different flavors and textures. They also are quite adept at growing hot peppers. They also grow a great variety of stone fruits. In past years we have received 6-9 varieties of plums within a season!

Check out photos of the varieties of produce at Hepworth Farms on their new improved website:

Lettuce, usually a early summer vegetable grows easily on Hepworth Farms land since they are near the river. Expect to receive lettuce at each delivery. Salad, salad, salad!

Check out Eat Seasonably. Although this Org is in the UK, their climate is very similar to the east coast and the palette almost the same.

Check out their eat seasonably calendar and guide to highlights for the month.


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