MCFC CSA Press Release

Press Release- For Immediate Release



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Makes Eating Organic & Locally Affordable

Montclair, NJ April 2, 2012. The Montclair Community Food Co-op (MCFC), a non-profit organization focused on supporting local farmers to build healthy communities, and Hepworth Farms, a small, diversified, ecologically managed farm located on the banks of the Hudson River in New York State, have teamed up for a sixth year to bring locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables to Montclair through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. The Montclair Historical Society has generously offered to be the host site for the bi-weekly pick-ups.

CSA vegetable and fruit shares come fresh-picked and packed in reusable bins and bags for $45 per delivery. Payment plans are available. MCFC is now offering shares for the 2012 season, with pick-ups every other Friday beginning June 8th behind the Montclair Historical Society’s Crane House at 108 Orange Road in Montclair.

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for the consumer to create a relationship with a farm. In the spring, the farm sells shares in its upcoming harvest to consumers, who become “members” of the CSA. The share price goes toward the cost of growing and distributing a season’s worth of produce and paying the farmer a living wage.

Every two weeks, from early June through November, each CSA member receives a bin of fresh vegetables grown exclusively at Hepworth Farms. Every share contains generous portions of the season’s bounty, including summer favorites such as tomatoes and corn, cooking staples like onions, carrots and potatoes, as well as chefs’ picks like hardy greens and other specialties to experiment with throughout the season. Our farmers employ organic farming methods for their vegetables to ensure produce is healthy, nutritious, tasty and responsibly grown.

The CSA also offers a fruit share featuring berries, concord grapes, and a wide variety of peaches, plums, pears and apples. The farmers grow varieties not found in your local markets. The fruit is grown with the Whole Farm Alive Systems Approach, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

In addition to produce, the MCFC offers an egg and dairy share through Havenwood Farms of Newton, NJ. The chickens and cows are pastured, feasting on wild herbs and grasses, including clover and alfalfa, in all-natural fields. Eggs and certified natural cheeses can be pre-ordered for delivery on the same day as the produce. This allows members to pick up fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy products all at the same time.

The MCFC also contributes to the community by donating any unclaimed shares to Toni’s Kitchen, a local food pantry.

For more information about a 2012 CSA membership, including pricing, payment plans, and volunteer options, contact Sarah Forrest, CSA communications coordinator at 201-264-3658 , or visit to register 


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