Preserving the Harvest: Extras Order

Preserving the harvest

Rumtopf, or drunken fruit, made with local apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, hardy kiwis + rum and sugar

Preserving produce from the harvest for winter is more than just sauce and jam.

Fresh fruit can be added to alcohol to create a delicious drunken fruit drink to serve over the holidays.  Fresh fruit or herbs can also be added to vinegar to create tasty infusions to add to vinaigrettes, sauces or even to make cocktails.

Pickled vegetables make great stores over winter. Chutneys are a great way to save fruit.

The farmers are offering cases of certain items  to help you try a new recipe!

Tomatoes, apples, stone fruit from Hepworth Farms, NY
Hardy Kiwi berries from Kiwi Berry Organics, PA
Local Honey and Maple syrup from Lancaster Farm fresh, PA

Use our Google Docs form to order.

Produce order due Monday Oct 10 10 am
Dry goods orders due Oct 12 Wednesday 10 am.

All items will be available to pick up Friday Oct 14 with your CSA share.

Rumtopf or Boozy fruit recipe
check out article from new york timesI used the simple recipe from nommy nom

1/2 cup Sugar for every 1 cup of Fruit (the sugar is an essential part of the preservation)
1 liter of rum or brandy depending on the flavor you want

Brandied fruit is also a popular recipe

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