MCFC CSA 2011: Recipes – Peruvian Potatoes

Recently while in Berlin Germany I met an Australian women who has landed in Peru. She loves the variety of produce there. Here is what she says about eating local food, especially potatoes, in Peru.

“I consider myself to be very lucky because I live in Peru where we have an outrageous variety of ingredients. Peru has 84 of the 104 life zones that exist in the world, which makes for a very colorful market and an incredible cuisine. One of my favorite times of year in Peru is the potato harvest in May. Peru has over 400 varieties of potato and villages plan what they will plant every year with their neighbors so that come the harvest, they will all swap amongst themselves so that they are assured a variety of potatoes. During the week of the harvest, kids don’t really go to school. The whole family goes out to the field, mum, dad, kids, grandparents. And every day you run into someone else who hands you a bowl of steaming, colorful potatoes fresh from the earth. Usually, you eat them one after another with your hands, a hard boil eggs, a pinch of salt and some uchucuta,  a chunky, green hot sauce made with

hot green pepper , crushed peanuts, and cilantro.

I only have two things in my refrigerator and pantry that did not come from Peru: Some german mustard and a bottle of Italian balsamic vinegar. Everything else was grown or produced within a couple of hours of my house. And that’s the way I like it.”

Uchucuta Green sauce recipe

Puree 4 green hot peppers with one bunch cilantro and ½ cup olive oil.

Add ¼ cup peanuts crushed, salt and pepper to taste.

Pour over a variety of different boiled potatoes and hard boiled eggs.


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