MCFC Missing 2 Dozen Eggs at Delivery #4

Last Friday, the cooler was short 2 dozen eggs (even after carefully counting by one of our core members and Ken of Havenwood Farms).  It is imperative that each member check Havenwood Farm’s Sign-Sheet every week to make sure that your order was processed and delivered by Ken.  Only take out of the cooler what is documented on the sign-in sheet as delivered for you.  Included below are the general instructions for Havenwood Farms.  If you have any further questions, please call 201-264-3658.  Thanks!

Eggs and other products are ordered directly from Ken Hoffman of Havenwood Farms (
Orders must be mailed and received (accepted only with payment included) 1 week prior to delivery- no exceptions.
Order forms should be printed/returned single sided and full page (forms available on our blog).
No email or phone orders will be accepted.

On delivery days:
Eggs and other items will be in a cooler.
Please quickly take only your items out of the cooler.
Close the cooler carefully and tightly to keep the products cool and safe.
Once your items are collected, check off your order on Havenwood’s delivery forms with the available highlighter.
Please stack returned clean, empty egg cartons neatly next to the cooler. They are recycled.

These items are perishable. Make alternative arrangements if you are unable to pick up your order within the delivery time of 12-6pm. Anything left in the coolers at 6pm will be donated.


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