MCFC CSA 2011 Delivery #2 Friday June 24th

What’s in the Box? Wow!


Empire Apples (Cold Storage)


Butter Head Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Swiss Chard (white or rainbow)
Kale (curly or Red Russian)
Onions (white or red)
Summer Squash (green, yellow or Kousa)
Orange Carrots
Red Beets with Greens
English Shelling Peas
Thai Basil
A Broccoli-like item (Our first UFO of the season- Unidentified Fresh Organic)

possibly Romanesco Broccoli
swiss chard, rainbow chard, red russian kale and curly green kale: many greens this week!

 All Organic and ecologically grown in NY State. Enjoy!

Amounts may vary from box to box, not every item may be in your box
The farmers cannot always guarantee delivery all items

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